Alwar Dairy sells its milk & milk products through a network of over 2039 retail outlets spread over Alwar city and near by 28 towns. The retailers are the most important segment of Alwar Dairy and are given all care and attention. They are regularly trained on various aspects of customer satisfaction. We have ensured that the consumer should not travel / walk more to fetch milk for his / her daily consumption. With this intention, strong network of retail outlets have been made. Supply of liquid milk is made twice a day for benefit of this consumers. Liquid milk is dispatched to rural area through a contracted fleet of insulated vehicles. Now we have shifted to our symbol to make our brand more prominent in Rajasthan.

The milk & milk products are sold through a network of a mix of shop agencies, various institution and Saras Milk parlors. Alwar Dairy has taken utmost care to satisfy and delight its customers and consumers. We have launched Consumers incentive and sale promotion schemes for up country and NCR distributers for this year by given 1 ltr. Milk free with every crate of milk in all variant of milk & also given the incentive of Rs. 1per ltr. In all variant milk being sold in afforested market. The customer satisfaction index is an indicator of the performance of the Alwar Dairy.

Distribution Network
Distribution channel can be divided in two categories:-

  • Urban Distribution Network (Alwar city, up Country & NCR Delhi)
  • Rural Distribution Network (adjoining area of Alwar)

Current Distribution Network:

  • 8 Route of Alwar city.
  • Sixteen of distributers engaged for supply of milk & milk products to adjoining area, up country and NCR Delhi.
  • one transporter for cash collection and milk distribution in alwar city.
  • one vehicle for ASC supply of Alwar.
  • Sixteen vehicle of distributer has been engaged for supply the milk and milk products to adjoining upcountry and NCR retailers.

Ghee Distribution Network:

  • Twenty Eight Distributor for Ghee distribution
  • Alwar Dairy has started marketing ghee in rural areas through dairy cooperative societies. The result of the same have been overwhelming and presently we are selling over 35 M.T. per month of ghee through DCS’s

Retail Outlet Network
Alwar Dairy has a network of over 2039 retails outlets over Alwar and near by 28 towns. Outlets of Saras categorization as under :

  • Parlour’s situated at Bhawani Top, Alwar parlour run by ADKKSS LTD.
  • Retail Outlet Network in Urban Areas Shop Agency- 2039
  • 47 Parlour’s run by Private Party
  • Parlour’s run by School, Colleges, Hotels, Hospitals- Two Hundred.
  • Modern Trends as Reliance Fresh Easy Day