Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Milk?

    As per the standard definition, “Milk is a lacteal secretion from the mammary glands of a healthy Milk animal free from Colostrum”.

  • How Alwar Dairy is Different then the other dairies?

    Alwar Dairy is a dairy registered under Rajasthan cooperative act and is owned by thousand of its milk producers members. It works on world famous amul pattern. As all other cooperative dairies, Alwar Dairy is a part of three tier structure i.e. Dairy cooperative society at village level which form district level milk producer union which are further federated in state level federation. All three entities are autonomous and linked to each other by provisions of their bye laws.

  • Is it true that dairy Milk is made of powder ?

    Milk has got mainly three constituents – fat (3 to 6%, snf comprising of proteins, lactose, minerals etc (8 – 9 %) and water (85%). Due to the calving cycle, cow / buffalo remain in milk for 8-9 month in a year. The high yielding and low yielding period is different in case of cow or buffalo, but generally winters are called flush season due to high production of milk whereas summers are called lean season when production is less. On the other hand, the demand is almost constant through out the year. Hence during flush season, fat part of milk is preserved in form of white butter and snf in form of powder after evaporating water. These two constituents are mixed and processed during lean season to meet the demand. So powder is nothing but preserved snf / fat of milk.

  • How and from where I can get Milk & Milk Products

    Alwar Dairy for its esteemed consumers has developed a network of over retailers. One can meet all his demand by contacting the nearest retailer. In case of any problem you can contact us customer help line No.-0144-2702644 & The list of Saras milk & milk products shop agencies is as under. Right Click and Open New Tab To Visit All parlors / Saras Booth

  • What are the products being manufactured and marketed by Alwar Dairy ? (Right Click & Open new Tab)
  • I am having cow / buffalo at my home. Can I give milk to dairy directly?

    We are sorry. We take milk through our member village dairy cooperative societies only. Please pour milk to any one of our dairy cooperative societies. You can contract our zone I/C or Manager (P&I) further queries.

  • Formation of DCSS and interrelation ship with Alwar Dairy?

    Milk producers of village

    Management committee of DCS
    (11 members, out of which two from weaker section and one for woman)

    Chairman of DCS

    Board of directors of Alwar Dairy
    (total 11 member, including 9 elected members amongst chairman of DCSS, out of which 6 from general category, two form weaker section (BPL, SC/ST etc. ) And one form women chairpersons. Rest are nominated )

    Chairman of Board of Alwar Dairy
    (out of elected members)

  • Why Pasturised milk is batter then vendor Milk?

    Milk is “Natures perfect food’’ for all ages. It has almost all the vital nutrients needs for growth and well being of human body.
    Milk is the richest natural source of calcium and essential amino acids. It is good for bone formation. It is particularly beneficial for people recovering from sickness, for sportsmen , for old people, for pregnant women and for growing children. The doctor recommends a minimum daily intake of 250ml. Or one and a half glass of milk for every person.
    Normal cow milk has 4% fat and buffalo milk 6% fat. There is another important constituent of milk- solids not fats these solids not (fat or SNF, as it is commonly called) comprise of proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins. For milk to be nutritionally balanced, it has to contain both fat and solids not fat in right proportion. Milk is available in Alwar city in Gold Shakti, Tazza and smart verities. Milk strictly conforms to PFA standards to comply with the legal requirement and to provided wholesome nutritive food to our consumers. This means when you are buying saras milk, you are sure you are getting value for your money. You are sure you are getting the “natures perfect food’’ your family you are sure you getting your full 500 ml, in every pack. You are sure you of getting a milk which has longer life because of its superior bacteriological quality.
    The loose milk available from local vendors in Alwar city often does not conform to PFA standards. It has fat and less solid-not-fat then required. Remember that if your milk contains 0.5% less fat or SNF, you are paying up to 60 paise per pouch extra. Besides, it is not uncommon to find artificial preservatives, not permitted by law being added to loose milk. This has been authenticated in a recent campaign run by this Sangh, in which it was found that more then 60% to 70% of milk sold by private traders and loose milk think again. By compromising on the quality of milk you may be depriving your children of essential life building proteins and nutrients that only pure, high quality milk offers.


  • What are the contents of Milk?